I needed new containers for the morning beverage(s) of choice around our house. I’ve always wanted to try etching and I found this super simple how to at Create Studio

Materials: Clear contact paper, exacto knife, printed pattern, glass ware, Armor Etch brand etching cream, rubber gloves, newspaper or old towels, plastic spoon.

I chose a square container that way I could learn on a fairly level surface.

Step #1 Clean your container.

Step #2 Cut out and apply the contact paper onto the glass, making sure to leave about an inch extra all around your pattern.

Step #3 Print out your pattern and tape it over the contact paper.

Step #4 Using an Exacto knife cut out the pattern, making sure you cut though the paper pattern and the contact paper. When finished, it will look something like this.

The exposed glass is the area meant to be etched.

Step #5 Tape off the jar if your nervous about spillage. Lay the jar on its side. If you are working on a round object you can use old towels or newspaper to prop it so it won’t roll.

Shake the etching cream well and then carefully spoon (plastic spoon) or brush the cream only on the area meant to be etched.  It’s super thick so you won’t have a runny mess on your hands.

Oh speaking of hands, wear rubber gloves! This stuff you don’t want anywhere near your skin. Or your kids or pets…and I’d crack a window too.

I globbed on enough to cover the design plus just a little more.

Step #5 Wait.  After about 15 minutes rinse under warm water and pat dry. Examine the amount of etch you’ve accomplished and see if you’d like more. If you would like it to be more opaque, dry the jar thoroughly and put more etching cream on. Check after 5-10 minutes.

Step #6 Rinse and wash your containers, then put coffee and cocoa in them. Stand back and smile smugly at them.

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