I’m embarking on a pretty ambitious project. I’m going to be redecorating my kids rooms. Did I mention they were teenage boys?
Yeah. I hear you out there. The woman who just spit diet coke all over her keyboard and called me crazy. I know, I am.
My husband wants no part in it. But I’ll get to that in a sec.

Remnants of grade school age interests are all mashed with what they are into now.

Here’s Kellen’s room.

Kellen is a serious student and a musician. He needs room to study and organize his work.
He also needs room to rehearse, plus a better way to store his instruments and equipment. He has tons of storage but it’s not utilized in a way that makes it efficient.
Plus I’m using his space as overflow for my linen cupboard.
BAD Mommy!

Here’s Gavin’s Room

You see the trains choochooing their way around the top of the wall there. It took me a solid week to cut them out of a book and wall paper them up there. He could name each and every one. Awwwww…
Yeah, they’re history. He’s over it. Let that be today’s lesson guys, tape them up!
In fact the trains, or the removal of them, is what got this rolling…

Me: If I take down the trains then I’ll probably need to repaint after.
Jef: Uh huh
Me: Kellen could use some paint too
Jef: Mmmm
Me: While I’m at it I should do something about their curtains
Jef: …..
Me: I should just re-decorate. Like, full-out DO it!
Jef: (gulp)
Me: Paint, some new fabrics, OH!! A focal wall!!
Jef: (edging toward the door)
Me: What do you think?
Jef: *&%# almost got away! Sweetie, I think it’s a great idea. I’m all for it. But, I’m totally out of it! It’s all you. I don’t want to know, I don’t want a say, I don’t want to have one single thing to do with it. Got it?
Me: You mean you don’t want to help?
Jef: Yeah, that’s right. It’s your thing entirely.
Me: I get to choose all the stuff and you don’t get an opinion!
Jef: I do not have an opinion.
Me: That is so brave of you! I love you so much!
Jef: Uh huh, yeah we’ll just see about that.

Or you know, something like that.
Where was I? Oh yes, Gavin’s room.
Gavin has the smaller of the two rooms but we’ve compensated for that by installing shelving. He needs it too, for my son is a collector. He has a hat collection, a finger board plus accessories, and a Ugly Doll collection, art supplies and shoelaces, etc.
He’s also very into art and graffiti and skating. He has up to 3 skateboards at a time so, there must be room for that too.

I started with the window treatments. I chose a fabric based on the colors they chose from a paint store fan deck.
If your paint store sells these, buy one! You’ll use it forever.

I started looking on line for accessories I thought would be right for each room and for each boys taste.

With the paint chips and fabric samples and pictures from the websites I assembled a design board.
The kids were quite relieved the design wasn’t going to be Momish or fruity. I was happy they liked my ideas.

For Kellen’s design, I chose a rather Mod looking fabric in warm colors. The lighter color in the fabric will be the main paint color, and the darker brown will be for the focal wall. I’m going to take some photo’s of his instruments and use them as art for his walls.

Same for Gavin’s colors. The lighter color is the main color and the medium blue is the focal wall. I’m also getting Gav a big canvas so he can create a piece of art for his wall.

Stay tuned sports fans and see how I do all by my self!

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