Okay where were we?
Oh yes, suitcases.
This was my suitcase for the aforementioned trip to Europe.
Look at this giganto thing! Filled to busting with mostly stuff I didn’t wear, but had to have with me because, Hello! Paris!
But that’s a matter for another time. Today it’s about the suitcase not what goes in it.

When in search of a new suitcase there were definite things I wanted:
#1 Something other than black
– A black suitcase is more likely to be stolen
#2 No bigger than a 25 inch case.
– Maggie took a carry-on case for a two week trip to Greece! If she can do it so can we!
#3 Must weigh no more than 10 pounds or under (empty weight)
– This one is obvious. Weight=$$$ when you fly.
#4 Must have quiet rollers and sturdy handle
-These traits are signs of quality. You definitely get what you pay for.

Since I had a limited budget I took my time researching the best prices and times to hunt for the perfect bag.
Luggage season tends to be around January through April, or, the off-season for travel. The beginning of summer or during the big travel holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are not ideal for getting a good deal on luggage.

I looked around online to get a good idea of what is out there. Here are some really good sites:
Zappos (LOVE Zappos!)
Macy’s (Big Sale going on now by the way)

I wound up at Macy’s stalking a Diane Von Furstenburg bag. It was a little more expensive than I liked, so I had to wait until it came down in price. All that month I’d pop by and zip and un-zip, I’d wheel it around, then, go over and check out the others I was considering, and play with them too. But, I’d always drift back over to the DVF.
I’m sure the shop ladies thought I was some kind of fetishist. A luggage perv, that’s me!
Finally, I got a coupon in the mail and trotted my self over and bought my bag! With the sale plus the coupon, I saved a ton! So much so that my husband said “Wow, that’s not so bad.”
Ladies, you know that’s high praise indeed!

Drum Roll!!

Now before you shriek at me, “Are you crazy woman? It’s suede!”
Yes it is. Faux suede.
I decided when I got it that, as much as I traveled by air, (once or twice a year) it would hold up well, and I could live with a few scuffs here and there.
It’s the construction and quality of the bag that counts and this has it, big time.

Know what else it has?

A BRIGHT blue lining!
You see why I was stalking it?
It also has two roomy pockets and an expandable top part that is really great for folded items and stuff you’d rather not get dirty.

Oh and this little pouch?

Un-zips into a shopping bag!

Awesome, right?
The other specs are:
22 ht. x 11wdth. x 14 across The interior is 25″ diagonally.
9.5 lbs (empty weight)
On a weekend trip to Las Vegas, it weighed in at 28.8 lbs! And, I’m proud to say that if I needed to yank it around the Paris Metro it would be something I could have done myself!

Next up, your carry on bag.
Don’t be this girl!

Yes that huge school back pack was my carry on.
Gavin says it all in this photo.

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