It was such a cute idea. You just get a coffee table book and cut the pictures out then, using wallpaper paste adhere them to the wall at plate rail height!

“Far less expensive than wallpaper,” cooed the host on the home design show. “And so easy too! You can do it in an afternoon!”

My eyes glassed, my mouth slack, I nodded. “Yes, yes that looks easy! I can do it in an afternoon!”
“It’s far less expensive than wallpaper,” I explained to my husband.
I can’t remember which host it was whose advice set me off. Was it Candice, Sarah, Christopher? Martha? It was probably Martha.

Fast forward 10 years. The toddler is now a teenager and completely over trains. I’m redecorating his room and lo, Candice and Sarah, Christopher and Martha are no where to be seen while I scrape the wallpaper pasted trains cut from a coffee table book off the wall placed at plate rail height.

The moral of this tale is no matter how cool the idea is consider how much of a pain in the ass it’s going to be to un-do it.
Next time double side tape!

4 thoughts on “Don’t Let Them Talk You Into It!

  1. Jef says:

    Ohhh but remember how cool it was for him back then!

  2. True he loved it, I’m sure he would have loved it just as well had I taped them up. Back to scraping now : )

  3. Emily Rear says:

    Have you tried steaming it off!! After steaming a section then use the scraper, but will come off easier!!

  4. The project is 7 years done, but if I ever become insane enough to try wallpaper again i’ll try that.

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