Join me for my victory lap will you?
The difference is pretty striking don’t you think? Most of what needed doing was to muck out all the stuff they didn’t use anymore. It’s pretty much the first major step in any job of this kind.
Okay, on to the big reveal! I totally feel like Candice Olson right now!

Gavin’s room before:

Remember the trains? That’s what started all of this.


Gavin’s Room Now:

He had less to store so I removed the shelves looming dangerously over his sleeping head. Same with the book shelf. Jef cut it down and put a top on it.
I know you think I’m mental by getting rid of most of his storage, but in this case less is definitely more.
More room for art, of which Gavin made!

Kellen’s Room Before:

Dreary right? Isn’t this the color they use in mental hospitals?

Kellen’s Room Now:

Much better. From mental health to metal health.
You should have seen the look on the guys face at Rodda when I asked him for the charcoal paint.
I put the posters in frames to avoid tape allover the walls. The poster I made was done by taking the picture at the largest resolution setting of my camera and then blowing it up to 20 x 30 at

So, done and done!
The boys tell me they are very happy with their rooms.
They put up with me very admirably while I was living out my teen bedroom fantasy at their expense.
I’m still working on popping in to admire my work or tidy up. I’ll let go soon boys, I promise.

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