Last week I was compelled to investigate celebratory sounds coming from the living room where my 13 year old was playing, Call of Duty 48: That Will Be $50.00 Please

Gavin: Whoo Whoo! YEAH YEAH! Awesome!
Me: What? Did you win?
Gavin: I just did a cross map tomahawk kill!
Me: Whut?
Gavin: A. Cross. Map. Tomahawk. Kill!
Me: Wow! That’s cool sweetie!
(it’s important to be supportive and excited when your child succeeds. I read it in a book)
Gavin: I got first blood!
Me: (shuffling out of the room) I should go write this in your baby book.
Gavin: (Laughs) Don’t forget to put down that I got first blood!

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