I just received my copy last week and I’ve already read it twice. Jef has accused me of making out with it.

For the record I did not make out with it! I may have slept with it under my pillow a few nights…

Parisian Chic: A style guide by Ines de le Fressange
Wardrobe advice from France’s icon of chic.

It’s the advice your Mother and Grandmother gave you as a teenager but ignored because you were too busy buying whatever was in the window of Hot Topic!
I was pleasantly surprised to find I had most of the basic wardrobe pieces in my closet right now.

I have this exact outfit! Yeah and that’s what I look like in it too…

Other advice covers what to wear when: First date? Wedding? Cocktail party? Gallery opening?
Also, Ines’ favorite online shops, plus if you do get to Paris, her favorite shops and restaurants.

My other favorite thing about this book are Ines’ charming little “Parisian Girl” illustrations all throughout the book.

Seriously ladies, treat yourself and buy this book!

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