Recently my make-up guru and new girl crush, Lisa Eldridge visited with Madeleine Marsh and explored her amazing vintage make-up collection. The interview is in two parts, the first starting with the Victorian Era to the 1930’s and the second part, the 1940’s through the 1970’s.

I’ve recently started collecting vintage compacts and it’s so fascinating and enjoyable to hold and use a piece of history because, as Lisa explains, the history of make-up really is the history of women and feminism.

Here’s a my favorite compact from my collection:

It’s a Charles of the Ritz compact circa 1960 from a large collection by a local woman.

It still has powder in it! Though I’m not inclined to use it, because it would probably make my skin a mess of break-outs. Still, I love that the powder smells like my Grandmother.

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