Although the story by P.D. Eastman about a baby bird trying to find his mother is endearing and one of my favorites, I would like to float out the idea that, as women, we have lots of Mother’s in our lives. Not just the one.

My Mother, the one who gave birth to me, is my first and always. She gave me my start, made me into the person I am today.

Me and Mom 1970

Me and Mom 1973

But, she’s not the only one to do so. Over the years just about every woman I’ve grown close to has taught me lessons I’ll carry with me the rest of my life.

My Sister is my Mother…

Me and Sis 1970’s

Me and Sis 1980’s
She taught me how to see another person’s point of view. She taught me how to laugh at my self and maybe not take my self so seriously all the damn time.

My Grandmother is my Mother…

Grandma Naomi and Mom

Grandma Naomi and Me and Sis

Grandma Geraldine and Dad and Bruce and David

Grandma Geraldine and Me and Sis

She plucked my eyebrows the first time. She bought me ice cream after a day at the beach. She made me feel I was special. She taught me, in part, who my own Mother was, where she came from and ultimately where I came from.

My Mother in Law is my Mother…

Funny story. My Mother in Law was being bossy, (I totally forget what we were even talking about) and I was not in the mood for mother in law bossiness that day.
So, I piped up “Who do you think you are? My Mother?”
In all seriousness she returned; “Yes, I am!”
It dawned on me right then the magnitude of what my Mother in Law had taken on when I married her son. She wasn’t the enemy. I was, after all, a fan of her work (my husband). She was not by birth, but by choice, my Mother.

The Feminine Historical Narrative is my Mother…

They passed away long before or shortly after I was born, but thanks to the stories passed on by their daughters and granddaughters and sisters, I know them.

The stories of who they were helped shape the kind of person I wanted to be when I was growing up. Sassy, feisty, brave, mysterious, hard-working, funny, adventurous!

My children are my Mother…

There’s only one way to know what kind of Mother you’ll be. Become one. Most of the very important lessons learned about myself and the world were taught to me by these two guys.

I am my Mother…

You become your Mother. It’s inevitable. All those Mothers, and more, encouraged, inspired, and taught me, so that’s not such a bad thing.

So, to all my Mothers, to all of you and all your Mothers, I wish a Happy Mother’s Day.

One thought on “Are You My Mother?

  1. Jodi Hebert says:

    I love this article. One of the best you’ve done.

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