Oh how the righteous have fallen! I’m ashamed to say I’ve reverted to my old habits. Last time I packed to travel my dopp kit was a mess, not only that, I packed a bunch of stuff I didn’t use; to the tune of almost 2 lbs! Shame, shame, shame. Below is a photo of what I took on our weekend getaway to Las Vegas.


Click to get a better look.

First off: Things I didn’t need.
My entire brow kit. I’m a fan of tidy eyebrows but really the whole kit?
Two foundations? Liquid and powder?
Two blushes? Powder and stick? Uh, Kath? Are you MOVING there?
The fake eyelashes were fun, however ultimately nonsensical. Also, have you ever tried to take off fake eyelashes at 3 a.m. after, well…a few drinks?
Ahem… moving on.
Full size makeup remover and cotton pads? My face wash doubles as a make-up remover, that’s why I buy it
All those makeup brushes, the full packet of bobby pins, and full size scissors.
As you know, full size anything is a packing light no-no.
I suppose it’s time to back the truck up (I’ll need a truck if I insist on taking all this crap!) and re-acquaint my self with packing light.

Here’s the after photo:

Much Better

Click for full size

Remembering my own advice about travel sizes and travel bottles plus taking only things you’ll know you’ll use, it’s much more manageable don’t you think?
Oh and the little red Victorinox Swiss Card? It has scissors, tweezers, a light, and tools you can hand to MacGyver so he can break you guys out of the bad dude stronghold.

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