As you know, I love the internet. I this series I’ll introduce you to the bloggers, vloggers and sites that inspire me.

Meet Heather Armstrong aka: Dooce

She started her blog years ago and gained many followers with her irreverent style and shocking honesty about her life as a single girl living in Los Angles. All went swimmingly until she wrote about her employer and a few co-workers. She was fired from her job in LA. She was, as we say now in the blogosphere, “Dooced
Fast forward 10 years, she’s still writing and continues to be the most talked about blogger on the internet.

Heather inspires me because she’s one of those rare individuals who turn her own adversity into lessons we can all learn from.
I could go on and on, but I won’t bore you with my rendition, go see her blog for yourself.
Whether it’s her honest assessment of motherhood, her work with Every Mother Counts, or the hilarious recounting of her life and career in Utah, I know you’ll love Heather too!

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