Yesterday I was wandering the grocery store before lunch, hungry and trying to decide what to make for dinner. I don’t know about you but, shopping while hungry and without a meal plan is a very bad idea. I wind up with all kinds of crap by the time I get to the checkout. Staring at the butcher’s case with hungry eyes, I find myself unable to make a decision. So, it’s very useful to have literally hundreds of recipes I can call up right there in my smartphone.

I’ve been an fan for years. It’s the first site I go to when I want to try something new. They have a paid and free version, plus multi-language versions. The “Dinner Spinner” feature is fun to play with and very easy to use.

I snap up the new copy of Real Simple Magazine every time I see it at the newstand. Theirs is a free app but, the ads are not intrusive. You choose what basic ingredients you’re starting with then filter from there. The really cool thing about this app is once you find a recipe it compiles your grocery list and, if you want, sends it in a text message; an awesome idea if you need to send your list to someone else doing the shopping.

Ah, Nigella you can do no wrong in my eyes. Her app is just like her, pretty, classy and, a fountain of great recipes. Videos too! You can compile grocery lists and print them out. I suppose it goes with out saying that this is a paid app but it’s well worth the money.
If Nigella isn’t your style, I think most TV star chefs have an app; look them up!

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