Those who know me, understand that I love Halloween! I decorate with gusto and hand out full size candy bars, I dress up and allow my teenagers to go trick or treating. (provided they wear a costume, don’t trample the little kids and, are excruciatingly polite) This years festivities are hampered a little by the fact that it’s a school night and the forecast calls for rain. But only a little.

Gavin (14) will be dressed this year as a can of Spam and Kellen (16) will be serenading the neighborhood as a Mariachi; along with a friend from school who intends to bring his trumpet.

How AWESOME is it to be my neighbor I ask you?

I intend to fill you all in with all the fun tonight via my Facebook wall

Until then, here’s a few things to keep you amused:

Neil Gaiman’s very creepy short story, “How To Talk To Girls At Parties”

Check out Nightmares Fear Factory Flickr page:

What is in the room with these people? Not sure I want to know!

One thought on “Happy Halloween!

  1. fourthographer reblogged this on FOURTHography and commented: I may not be a fan of All saints day, but Im a fan of halloween.. so HAPPY HALLOWEEN GUYS!!!>.:)

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