The Song Of Lunch is a narrative poem by Christopher Reid. It’s the story of a man meeting an old lover for lunch. It ended badly 15 years prior, and as we travel back with the man’s memories we see what went down.

Recently on PBS, American viewers were treated to the BBC produced version starring Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson; who if you remember, played a couple before in Love Actually.

You can view it on-line At Masterpiece Contemporary.

Here’s a trailer:

It’s so brilliant, I can’t even tell you. Perhaps I shouldn’t, I tried to tell Jef all about it but made a hash of it. He wound up giving me that “if you say so” look.
So go check it out for yourself and, don’t let the arty title spook you. There’s plenty of swearing, public drunkenness, nudity and sex. I mentioned it’s NSFW?

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