Party season is upon us! Time to warm our cockles and melt our brains with a nice drink. (In moderation of course! Or you know, not. Heh)

Find recipes for lots of holiday drinks at the Bailey’s Irish Cream site
(Birthdate required for sign in. It’s so depressing how far I have to scroll back to find my birth year! I need a drink!)

Jamie Oliver’s Mulled Wine

Ashley over at Little Pink Blog has great cocktails based on the Harry Potter characters.

Disaronno is a favorite winter tipple for me. Try the Italian Egg Nog!

Also, I’ll dust off this post from last Christmas: The Bing and Bowie Christmas Cocktail

And finally I’d like you to meet my new favorite YouTuber Mamrie Hart, hostess of “You Deserve A Drink.”

Her hilarious mixology show pokes fun at pop culture and celebrities. It goes without saying (you should know me by now!) that the content (mostly language) is NSFW. This episode is for Thanksgiving but the recipes would be just as nice for Christmas.

If you have an extra few minutes check out the episode for Flaming Butter Beer. Harry Potter fans will get a laugh!


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