Man, it’s cold out! That doesn’t mean we can’t look cute and be comfortable. Here are some of my picks to keep our feet warm and fashionable!

I have these. I’ve been putting them through their paces this fall and winter, and so far so awesome! Clarks Orinocco Engineer boots are perfect for walking. You can wear a nice thick pair of socks, and they make your Mom uniform look a bit more “tough girl”.

Ecco Hobart Buckle. I have these too. I bought them to replace a pair that had died. Also, they never fit well in the calf. These fit perfectly! I can tuck in my jeans and I have room left over.

These “Gabby” Hunter boots are just killing me! They are waterproof, as you’d expect a Hunter brand boot to be, and the reviews on the site link are all good.
I can see that they might not be the thing to wear if you need to walk on icy sidewalks, but for winter wet and cold they would work! You could wear them with a nice cozy pair of socks, with jeans or tights and a wool skirt.

These Merrill Angelic Peak boots are also waterproof if the above are not your speed. They have a 16″ shaft circumference, so you’ll have room to tuck in your jeans and still be able to walk!

I ordered these, and as you read this they are on their way. I bought them to replace another pair that, frankly, were a bit ugly on me. They they had a square toe box that became dated right away and looked weird when I wore them with a skirt. I’m hoping the rounded toe and the modern platform heel will go with skinny’s, slacks, and skirts. I’ll update here when I try them.

Update! I wore these shopping yesterday. I’m pleased to report they are warm and stylish. I wore them with skinny jeans and they looked great. They have a non-skid rubber sole that did an excellent job of preventing slipping and sliding on the wet pavement. One suggestion: They run about a 1/2 size big. I didn’t mind because I wore a pair of warm socks (hidden, naturally) with them, but if you’ll be sock-less or wearing mainly hose or tights I’d go ahead and order smaller.

What are your favorite winter weather boots?

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