The east coast for us has always been a layover place. We’ve only ever kicked our heels in the airports awaiting a connection flight. So when Kellen got the opportunity to attend a weekend band camp at Berklee College of Music we jumped at the chance to hangout and experience the east coast for real.

First thing I did was hop onto Twitter and ask Miguelina and Kit ,who live in Boston, about the weather and what we should check out.
“What’s it like in Boston” was far too general, I gave them specifics: “Museum-phobic 14 yro in tow. What to do? Staying in Back Bay close to Fenway. No car while there, but have a Charlie Card” They were able to advise accordingly. Thanks ladies!

We wanted to stay near the collage, so we chose the Eliot Hotel

(click on photos to see them bigger)

Our room was very nice, and the hotel staff were super attentive. The building sported charming east coast, old-time, architecture, including a very fancy gilded jewel box of an elevator. We treated ourselves to dinner at Clio, the restaurant downstairs, the first night. Gavin enjoyed room service when Jef and I went out one evening. If I had a complaint it was a small one. The bathroom was very small, I was expecting this since it was a historic building, but wow! Very small!

I mentioned Charlie Cards (Boston public transport passes) They’re re-loadable and, you can purchase them online. Ordering them in advance of your trip saves a lot of time once you arrive. When visiting a large city it’s really worth it to check into whether or not they offer something like this. We easily navigated the metro and the tram systems via Google maps.

Once we had dropped Kellen off at the college for his weekend we explored near by Newbery Street. Lots of restaurants, shops and great people watching!

We went to the New England Aquarium Where Gavin hammed it up with “The Cheesy Thumbs Up” pose.

Hey, whatever it takes to get your teens to let you take their photo.

We also visited Orchard Skate Shop.

Not only is it a really cool skate shop but upstairs they have an art gallery.

We, of course, couldn’t ignore Fenway Park. Our trip occurred on an away game weekend, so we missed out on seeing a game in the Green Monster. We contented ourselves with a visit to the pro shop, where a really weird thing happened.

There was some kind of scavenger hunt/race going on. These contestants would dash into the store and grab the number 15 jersey and have a picture taken with someone wearing it. That someone was Gavin while we were there. These funny things happen to us all the time on vacation!

Our favorite spot to eat, by far, was Trident Booksellers and Cafe.

A proper cup of coffee, and the best corned beef hash Gavin has had. Trust him, he’s the CBH expert!

Well Boston you were awesome. We’re definitely planning to visit again in the future!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Away: Boston

  1. Hi!

    So happy you loved Boston! It’s a great town, isn’t it? 🙂

  2. We loved it. We’re making plans to come back next year!

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