Those who subscribe to my Facebook page are well aware that I’ve been on a little trip to California.

As you know, in the past my packing for trips has been less than stellar. Okay, it’s sucked outright! I’ve been working on my packing strategy, and this trip I think I did fairly well.

Travel Outfit: Flared jeans, hoodie, striped shirt, gold flats.
Outfit #1: Cream skinny jeans, blue tank top under the v-neck tunic and chucks.
Outfit #2: Blue skinny jeans, Mickey Mouse ringer tee (bought there), blue hoodie, chucks.

Outfit #3: Flare jeans, grey tank top, blue v-neck sweater, chucks.
Outfit #4: Black shirt dress, red heels, black leather jacket.

Outfit #5: Cream skinny jeans, cream blouse, red heels, leather jacket, blue pashmina.
Outfit #6 Blue skinny jeans, grey cardigan, striped boat-neck tee, gold flats, skinny belt over the sweater.

Outfit #7: Blue skinny jeans, blue v-neck sweater, leather jacket, blue pashmina, gold flats.
Outfit #8 (Are PJs’ an outfit?) PJ bottoms, tank top, hotel robe or grey cardigan.

I kept to a narrow color palate, choosing mainly blue, cream and, grey. Mixing and matching was easy. I paired the red heels and red evening bag with my black dress and cream blouse for evenings out. The only thing I wish I’d brought is my comfy flared slacks. After a few days of “the vacation diet”, I could have used the extra room! Ha!
In future posts I hope to remember to take more pics of me in the outfits.

Do you remember on the trip to Paris my bag weighed 50 pounds? Check this out!

Aw yeah! That’s more like it!

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