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Believe it or not, today is the spring equinox. Spring has officially sprung!
In cities around the world cherry blossom festivals are gearing up. Here in the U.S. the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C. celebrates 100 years!

Of course you can’t mention Spring without also giving a nod to another long-held tradition, Spring Cleaning. I’m more than ready this year! Martha, Real Simple, and Organized Home have tips and list apps to help get the job(s) done!
As a veteran of many spring cleanings, here are a few hard-won tips:
1. Concentrate on one task at a time. If you set out to do the WHOLE HOUSE in one day you’re setting yourself up for a fall. Choose one room or section at a time. How about one day you do closets, the next drawers, the next session you tackle windows etc.
2. Keep. Toss. Donate. I keep three old laundry baskets nearby when I’m spring cleaning to organize all that STUFF. Tip: The toss and donate baskets need to be fuller than the keep basket, just sayin’.
3. Keep most tasks 30 minutes or less. If it’s a truly gargantuan job, maybe you should get help. That is to say, hire a house keeping service or press family members into service. Seriously though, if it takes you more than a day to do one task…

Happy spring everyone!

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