I wrote about spring cleaning a few weeks ago so I’d like to show you my progress. One of the things that needed attention was my closet. Sadly, it was a big mess of mostly unworn, ill-fitting clothes and shoes that just hung there.

Embarrassing! Not only that, but it was a pain to find and put things away.
Behold, the after photos!

I can’t help but gush on and on to folks about how much better it is! How nice it is to be able to see everything I have! How great it is to be free of all that stuff! Look I can actually walk into my walk in closet! Amazing right? Right?! Oh, I’m doing it again aren’t I?

Here are some tips on how you can control you clothes clutter:

#1 Work a section at a time. I started with my pants then skirts then… you get the idea. I laid out each in turn on my bed so I could see what I had.
#2 Try on everything. I’m serious! Taking the time to reacquaint yourself with what you own is essential. Also, I tried everything on with both flats and heels and kept the most versatile pieces.
#3 Ask yourself 3 things: Do I wear it? Does it fit? Do I love it? And be honest!
#4 Don’t hold on to the past. It’s that hopeful place where we keep our pre-pregnancy jeans and the size 2 cocktail dress that we’ve never worn. Ever.

I call this my “I have a dream” section. Sure, hang onto those “before” jeans if you’re a new mom. But if, like me, your kid is due to graduate high school next year? Not so much…
Also, don’t keep anything with the goal that it will look great once you lose that last 5-10-15 pounds. When you reach your weight goals, THEN reward yourself with a shopping trip!

Good luck! And If you have the chance, post a photo of your before and after pics!

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