I’d like to introduce you to my early mother’s day present! I’ve named her Solange, after Beyonce’s younger sister. And If you don’t know who Beyonce (No, not the singer!) is…

Speaking of, the most excellent Jenny Lawson is #1 on the NYT Print and E-books bestsellers list! Go Jenny!

Illustration by Billy Steve Clayton (pixelfoot)

I’m a Janeite, that is to say, I’m a big fan of the works of Jane Austin. Pride and Prejudice, in particular. What if P&P were a present day story, in VideoBlog format? You have to check out, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries an excellent retelling of P&P and so funny!

And lastly, what’s funnier than $9000 speaker cables? The reviews for the $9000 speaker cables!

What gems have you found on the internet this week?

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