My son bought tickets to see Harry and Potters (yes this is a real band) with his friends.
We drove up early so Kell and company could have a day enjoying the city, teenager style.
Hanging out with the kids for hours was not going to happen.

So what did Jef and I do for a day? We went to all the places we tell other people to go when they ask what they should do in Portland.

Our first stop was breakfast at our favorite coffee shop, Pazzoria bakery.

Then we walked up to Pioneer Square and bought an all day pass for the Max out of the machine and headed to Chinatown.

First stop: Lan Su Chinese Garden

It had been too long since I’d visited. I was struck again by how the moment you step into the garden the busy city melts way. So lovely.

From there, we walked West a few blocks and found a bus stop near the corner of W. Burnside and 1st. We hopped on the #20 bus and it delivered us right to the front door of Powell’s City of Books!

For those who don’t know, it’s a square block building and four floors worth of new and used books! My advice, step in and check out the big sign in the lobby. It’s a busy place, but take the time to get acclimated. Don’t forget to check out the rare books section! I always bring a list and a BIG tote bag!

Not far away is the Pearl District, where there is always something good to eat. We gave Henry’s 12th Street Tavern a try. Really nice flat bread pizza and a cold beer, hit the spot!

Thusly fortified, we walked around the corner and waited near the corner of N.W. 11th Ave & N.W. Couch, (pronounced “Cooch” btw) for the street car which whisked us to within a few blocks of the Portland Art Museum.

It always has the perfect mix of Devine:

…And ridiculous:

I am very sad to say that I still didn’t see everything! They had to shoo us out for closing time. Next time I’ve sworn to start at the top and work my way down!

Oh well, it was nearly time to pick up the concert goers anyway.

Our little day away reminded us why Portland continues to charm and remains one of our favorite cities!

2 thoughts on “Weekend (Day) Away: Portland

  1. Emily Rear says:

    Kathy, a WONDERFUL description of your day away.. Sounds like both sets of travelers had a great time. So happy your taking advantage of these times while your still young. Mom R.

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