Over the years, and thanks in part to a faulty memory, I’ve developed a gift giving method that (swearing and swerving into the grocery parking lot) I call “The Grocery Store Gift Basket”.

It can be scaled up or down according to your budget, recipient, and of course whether you are in fact on your way over to the party, celebration, or wedding as we speak. (Though, I’ve never been that bad!)

(Yes. I have.)

Any mega-mart grocery store worth it’s salt has a wide selection that include cosmetics, housewares, clothing, floral or garden center, in addition to food.

Start with a pretty bowl and fill it with, a tea towel, a kitchen gadget or two, dried pasta, a loaf of french bread, and a nice jar of red or Alfredo sauce.
Next, peruse the magazine rack for a copy of a favorite foodie publication, or a cook book. Finally, trot out to the garden center and pick up a potted herb or flowers.
You can either place all your items in a pretty gift bag, or wrap it in tissue paper and tie it up with a bow.
Stay tuned for more ideas…

For more info on the products in this post click here!

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