Non-fiction this month, not really on purpose, but the theme was entertaining especially since the writers were folks I’ve enjoyed online.

The Bad Cook by Esther Walker:
“You may find yourself kneeling by the sofa with your face in the chocolate-smeared seat cushions having a seroius internal tussle over brandishing your get-out-of-dinner-free takeaway card tonight, or saving it for when things get really bad.”

Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal by Mary Roach:
” ‘That’s what killed Elvis’, said Adrianne … ‘As we were about to get off the phone, Elvis Presley dropped into the conversation.’ … ‘She’d been standing by the mega-colon exhibit one day and a visitor told her the Elvis had had one too.’ … ‘A quiet moment followed. ‘Really.’ “

Everything is Perfect When You’re A Liar by Kelly Oxford:
” ‘…Looking around, it seems the the most popular ride at Disneyland today is obese ten-year-olds riding in strollers.” … ‘Henry vomits, a lot. … he’s gotten pretty professional about it. Never any noise or crying’ … ‘Is Henry puking again? Sal asks. ‘He really needed to puke at Disneyland. It’s pretty much his destiny.’ Henry sits back up. ‘She’s right.’ “

How to Eat Out by Giles Coren:
” ‘There is a section at the back that looks rather nice but has two steps leading up to it which flummoxes a dim sum trolly as disastrously as it does a dalek, and you will get no attention up there at all.’ … ‘Eating in a dim sum trolly joint is all about position and vision, a complete view of the terrain, no surprises from behind, unobstructed sightlines, similar to being a sniper.’ ”

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