Last time we had a weekend away I challenged myself to take as little as possible. Everything HAD to fit in the back pack and large tote pictured below. Our activities included sight seeing, dinner out and a football match.



The challenge for my dopp kit was made easier by knowing I would have body wash and shampoo waiting for me at the hotel.

Here’s the finished packing IRL:

I went ahead and gate checked the backpack so I had even less to fuss with while on the flight.

Edit: All the light packing techniques in the world won’t save you however if there happens to be an Anthropologie shop near your hotel. Heh. I had to buy a cheap duffel to check so I could get my new purchases home.

Next time though, I’ll do better! Maybe….

2 thoughts on “The Packing Project: Episode 6

  1. Emily Rear says:

    Guess I’ll have you packing for me next time!!!!! Good job!

    1. Ha! You couldn’t live with taking just two bags on vacation. 🙂

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