My favorite day in NYC, by far, was our picnic and bike ride through Central Park.



First, we went to Grand Central Market and bought all sorts of picnic goodies. Baguette, fruit, drinks, salads and some lovely runny cheese. Then we hopped on the subway and rode to Central Park.


We found a bench near Umpire Rock and ate, and people watched.


The boys swore this was the bridge in the final scene from the movie “Cloverfield”. We had fun spotting all the places in the park which we recognized from a favorite movie.

Then we rented bikes and set off around the bike paths. This is the best way to see the park! The boys took off on their own and did the whole park loop! Jef and I stopped for an ice cream along the way and another people watching session on a park bench. It was the best day!

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One thought on “Best Day in NYC

  1. Emily Rear says:

    So glad you posted this! Looks like a great way to enjoy the park

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