Yes this is coming in at the 11 hour. Sorry! I’ve been moving my own university student into his first teeny tiny apartment. I didn’t cry (much) this time, promise! Below is a wealth of great advice for incoming university students. These vids and links helped us get an idea of the reality of student life and what living away from home was like. I will say, the advice givers are very honest about student life and do not sugar coat.

Freshman year dorm move in day was crazy! Less stuff next time!

University by The Londoner

What to Bring to College by Sage-Brush Mama

Getting Ready for Dorm Life (a Pinterest Board) by Jessie Higgs

Finally this from me: It’s not lethal if they don’t have every single thing on the list. Rosie was right when she said save some things for them to go get on their own. They’ll have the satisfaction of figuring it out and fetching it on their own, gaining a big boost of confidence.
Also, don’t be heart broken if they aren’t homesick. He/She has been anticipating this their whole teenage life! Good luck Freshman and good job parents!
Hey parents? I’m no expert, but I did learn a lot this past year about parenting a college age teen. Any questions?
Ask me anything!

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