To make my list the rules are as follows:
The movie must be about Christmas or set within the Christmas season.
It must make me pee my pants with laughter or blub my eyes out.
To that end it must be sentimental, cheesy, goofy and feature a song or dance number.
Or two.
Explosions, machine guns, rabid squirrels, creepy Uncles, and British accents are pleasing as well.
Nostalgia, while not required, is a feature that will be taken into consideration.

Not that I’m picky or anything…
Go grab a cup of something Christmasy and join me for my playlist (in no particular order) of favorite Christmas movies.

What are your favorite Christmas movies?

2 thoughts on “Top Christmas Movies

  1. Scrooged and Muppet Christmas Carol.

  2. Emily Rear says:

    Christmas Vacation has to be my all time favorite and Home Alone the next!!

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