It’s lovely to scoop up a bundle of fresh flowers in the grocery store as a treat for yourself or someone special. Here’s how to make them look beautiful when you get them home.

grocery store flowers

Arranging a big mass of all the same kind and color is elegant and less work to arrange. My favorite is Alstroemeria or Princess Lilies. They are usually the nicest looking thing on offer.

measuing where to cut

Scoot your chosen vase to the edge of the table and place the flowers blooms at the height you want them to be. Place a rubber band at the point where you’ll cut the stems to fit the vase.

Alstroemeria 1

Arrange the flowers in the vase before adding water. When you are happy with your arrangement add lukewarm water to the vase.
Empty and replace the water daily to keep the flowers fresher longer, also to prevent that “swampy” smell from occurring.


Enjoy your flowers! You deserve them!

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