Wedding season is coming up quickly! I myself have a few to go to and I’m trying out a new look for this summer.

Now I’m not really a dress person. I’ve tried to be but I always come off as frumpy. Might be my age (40+) or maybe I just don’t have a dress personality. You know who they are that cute and quirky woman who shops at second-hand stores and looks adorable. Yeah, that’s not me.

So this is what I was thinking…..


Now I don’t have much experience with jumpsuits. I seem to remember having one about 5 or so years ago and wearing it out with heels and on a day date with sandals. These look comfy though, and the black one looks like a girl could eat at least 4 courses before having to loosen the belt! (Very important!) The green has that one shoulder thing which seems very “of the moment.” Add my big fat hoop earrings and a few bangles and done.

I’ll update when I get them and try them on.

Fingers crossed!


One thought on “Clothes to Get Glad In

  1. Emily Rear says:

    Those would look good on you Kathy!

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