I’m excited to tell you that THE BRIGHTEST STAR is now available for preorder on… drumroll… AMAZON KINDLE! Whoohoo!

It’s official release is on February 5th 2019 and you can preorder it for only 2.99! I mean, that’s less than a flat white, definitely cheaper than a PSL. And the good news is if you have Kindle Unlimited you can read for FREE!

Also, go check out my Amazon Author Page. Click on the +Follow button to get emails when my books are released.

There are going to be lots of special previews, excerpts, and teasers for both THE BRIGHTEST STAR, and the second book in the REVEL NIGHT SAGA, THE DARK STAR, coming soon on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so if you follow me on one (or all) of those sites get ready for some treats!

With three book launches in 2019 it’s proving to be the most exciting year yet! Come along with me into the fantastic world of the REVEL NIGHT SAGA!

Star light, star bright…
17-year-old Stella Bright can see through the thin veil that conceals the truth about Remy, Oregon. She possesses the ability to see past the disguises of the Faerie inhabitants and magical beings of the small forest town. Greeting the flowers when they say good morning and listening to what the trees gossip about has earned her a reputation as a freak; not that she cares much about what her classmates at Remy High think. Come graduation she’ll put this town and its small-minded idiots in her rearview forever!

Then she meets Nox, a mysterious boy who wields powerful dark magic and Stella is drawn to him as a kindred spirit. But Nox can only exist as an apparition in the human world, his presence an unnerving specter that vanishes with the light. Frustrated by their inability to truly touch each other Stella and Nox search for a solution that will save their relationship.

But when Nox is banished from the Mortal realm for falling in love with a human, desperation drives Stella to learn how to perform the dangerous spell required to walk the forbidden Path that joins the Faerie and Mortal realms, well aware that breaking the laws that govern The Path she risks not only her sanity but her life.

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