Hello hardcover fans! I’m excited to tell you that THE DARK STAR is now available in hardcover! Summer reads don’t get any hotter that this! 😎😈🔥

“He who captures The Dark Star and consumes her heart will be invincible…”

Waking up in Hell was not the plan for the morning after Clare Tenebris’ first Revel Night party. The mysterious boy she steals a kiss from was not supposed to be Satan’s nephew, and there definitely should not be an ancient prophecy about her, especially one about eating her heart! They have the wrong girl! With no hope of rescue from her powerful magical family Clare must use her wits to escape Satan’s horrible plan.

Daniel Acer, the half human prince of the satanic bloodline, had no choice in his part of the dreadful scheme to claim Clare’s power. Torn between his demonic and human nature he faces the ultimate test of loyalty to his family. When the time for the sacrificial ceremony comes Daniel’s conscience torments him, as do his feelings for the courageous and beautiful Clare.

As political tensions and devious members of the royal family threaten to upend the balance of power, Clare and Daniel take the leap out of the frying pan and into the fires of Hell. They must return Clare home before the kingdom explodes into civil war.

Journeying up through the nine levels of Hell, they encounter dangerous landscapes and the temptations designed to entrap them as well as the demons and minions who might be able to help them, for a price of course.

THE DARK STAR available at Blurb and also for Kindle and Kindle unlimited. 

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