Hey Guys!
This year I’ve had a lot of book promos but that’s not going to be the norm. I won’t be having three book releases next year (just one!) so I thought I’d fill this space in the interim between new books with posts I/we enjoyed when it was the old Wishing for Horses site.
Sunday Surfing was one of those things…

It’s Sunday!
Time to kick back with a nice cuppa and surf the web!
Here’s what happening….

Image compliments of Debora Cardenas!

Tracy has so many great recipes! This is my current favorite!

And here’s another for your Meatless Monday!

This mushroom and parmesan tart has been a weeknight staple for a while now.

Nostalgia and design groupies will love these hotel rooms from the 50s & 60s

Just finished Rainbow Rowell’s sequel to Carry On and I have so many feelings!

I’m also waiting on tenterhooks for Erin Morgenstern’s LONG awaited second novel!

Been having a real think on how to reduce my household’s plastic use. This article was helpful.

Plus some of the products that I’m using that help reduce my plastic use: In the Kitchen, Bathroom, and at the Grocery Store.

Envy in general but especially on the internet. (On The Spike)

This Spotify playlist makes me so happy!

And finally… Linda has a new recommendations site that I’m going to visit often!

Have a great Sunday!

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