Hello everyone! Welcome to 2020. I hope you all had a nice holiday season and New Year’s!

In lieu of a recap of 2019 (we’re all pretty much sick of those by now anyway, right?) I figured, onward we go with new book news!

The Fallen Shadow: The Third Book of the Revel Night Saga is due out June 20, 2020, and I’m pleased to be able to show you the cover!







Here is what the story is about….

“Plucked from Heavens flames, the Fallen Shadow will rise again to smite those who feed upon the kingdom of angels”

Born to be a weapon of war, Tynan Tenebris takes his duty as commander of the Shadows seriously, but he didn’t expect to meet someone like Livia Windancer.

Their passionate liaison on Revel Night is always on his mind though he knows a relationship is doomed. She is an angel, a creature of immeasurable light, and he is a Shadow who haunts the darkness.

Then, ancient enemies attack the Angelic realm. Livia is injured during the battle and falls from Heaven. An outcast now, she turns to her only ally—Tynan.

Staunch isolationists, the Angelic Hierarchy will not allow the Shadows of Faerie to come to their aid; even though Livia’s father is the prize captive of the traitorous Sons of the Serpent.

But Tynan and Livia have other ideas. They will free her father, even if the cost is their lives. 

THE FALLEN SHADOW is out June 20 on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.








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