Jack O’ Lanterns In Spooky Forest With Ghost Lights - Halloween Background

Hey there!

It’s spooky season! My favorite time of the year! Here are some Sunday links to put you in the Halloween mood!

Last minute Halloween costumes (you know who you are!)

Ominous Tracks for Party Ghouls (Spotify Playlist)

Autumn and Halloween embroidery projects

How would you like to take a tour of Stephen Kings house?

“Knitted” glass sculptures are so cool!

October 13th 1886, “The circus arrives without warning…” My favorite Autumn book

Beauty advice from your friendly neighborhood witch

To Autumn by John Keats

Adorable Halloween cards from the 1920’s

From the Mind of Christine McConnell (Queen of creepy crafts!)

This is the recipe I use (Libby’s famous pumpkin pie)

I hope you have a wonderful Halloween season, until next time friends, be well!

EDIT: Well, I guess this post is better late than never! Enjoy your Sunday Surfing post on this Monday morning. :/ 




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