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I’ve been a fan of chillhop and in particular the productions at Chillhop Music for the last few years. It’s the music I’ve been living and writing to. When I heard of Guillaume and Psalm Trees’ collaboration I was excited to hear their work but was really blown away by the fact that they had never met!

Here’s the story:

As you might already know, the two have never met, and it was through their online connection that they were album to create this album (as well as a previous EP and a new single on Essentials Spring 2021).

The original concept for this documentary was to have Psalm Trees (based in Rotterdam) visit Guillaume in Paris and film the entire thing. Due to the pandemic lockdown and Covid-19 restrictions (and not wanting to risk anything by traveling) we decided to instead further focus on the authenticity of this collaboration from home: how they connected, how they work together, what the process looks like from their own locations.

Two different cities, two different cameras, two different perspectives.

It’s an amazing album! I urge you to check it out:

🎧 Download / Stream / Order Vinyl – “We Must Believe in Spring” by Psalm Trees & Guillaume Muschalle ・​ 🎶

Listen to Chillhop on Spotify…

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