1373 3101 (Libby & Charlotte’s secret cipher)

The End.

The book is done!!! Well, the first draft anyway.

I was looking back and discovered I started it in July of 2021! I think Dark Star took me three years to write so this is wins second place for time taken. After a bit of a break I’ve resumed edits and hope to be done soon.

The big update for Liberty Jones is that it’s available to preorder and available for Kindle Unlimited now!

So what’s the next project? Hmmm….  Well, I thought I’d go and see how Horatio is doing back in Remy.

Now that he’s human again, life is very different. It’s not all naps and cheeseburgers like it was when he was a cat.

He’s got all those young mages to look after, plus he’s the owner of Sam’s former shop and business is booming during the summer Solstice as usual. As the Children of the Serpent prepare to induct another of mage into the coven, Horatio finds there is a big surprise awaiting him courtesy of the temple guardian, Michael.

Not sure when that will be available but watch this space in the coming months for more updates!

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