For date night last Saturday, Jefrey and I went to Belly. It’s a small place, dimly lit, with about twelve tables plus seating for around six at the bar; its clientele, the usual mix of hipsters and boomers, date nighters and groups of six or eight. Because there was a write up in the Register Guard the week before, we came prepared to wait for a table. They only reserve tables for groups of 6 or more. We spent the hour wait, first at Cafe Lucky Noodle down the street where we had a few drinks at the bar. Then, we window shopped at 5th Street Market. It was a pleasant wait but, by the time the hostess called our cell to tell us our table was ready, we were ready for dinner.
We ordered the bacon wrapped dates as our appetizer, and they were heaven. I’m ashamed to admit I’d never had those before. I’m definitely going to serve them soon.
The pork confit was featured in the article but I didn’t see it on the menu nor was it mentioned when our server told us the specials but the duck confit was on the menu.

Sorry for the dark photos guys, I’ll bring a proper camera next time.

It was served on a bed of sauteed cabbage and with candied/roasted kumquats. The skin was crisp and the meat moist and juicy.

As I made out with my entree Jefrey tucked into his Pork Cheeks with risotto.

Guys, if you’ve never had pork cheeks, let me say that you are missing out. It is the very best part of that wonderful animal. You should try it next opportunity. You won’t regret it.
Jefrey’s entree was awesome! Unctuous, falling apart, meat and risotto cooked perfectly.
We had dessert, and ordered the Churros per our servers suggestion. I’m afraid to say that they tasted a bit burnt. Next time I’ll probably order something else for dessert.
The good news is when the check came there was no sticker shock. We had wine and an appetizer and dessert so our bill was just over $100. But, if you just stick to a glass of wine and an entree you could have a really great meal for under $60 easy.
We will definitely be going back.
Oh, and here’s a shot of the restroom. I do so love a clever restroom.
Granny’s attic meets garage sale kitsch. Plus a warning about the soap dispenser.

Good to know.

One thought on “Belly

  1. Hubby says:

    It was a great night! Easy, comfortable atmosphere.

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