I saw this silhouette necklace holder project via a link from Design Sponge.

I printed the silhouette from Design Sponge website and enlarged it on a copy machine. You can use whatever silhouette image you’d like, even your own!  My version measures roughly 11 inches across by 15 vertically.  It’s good to measure the space you intend for it first before determining how big you’d like it.

I started by tracing the silhouette onto ¼ inch plywood.

Then, I used a scroll saw to cut out the silhouette.

I cleaned up the edges with sandpaper.

At this point, my husband cut two keyhole slots in the block of wood I used for a hanger.  He used a 3/8 inch drill bit on his drill press and then used a keyhole bit and his router, to shape the keyhole slots.

On the website they screwed in eye hooks to the top of the mounting block and used cup hooks to mount it to the wall.

Using wood glue we glued the mounting block to the back of the silhouette and clamped it in place for about 4 hours.

Once the glue was dry I primed and painted the necklace holder. I made sure it was good and dry before I mounted it to the wall.

And, voila’!  My new necklace holder; she’s so pretty. Smashing taste in jewelry too!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Projects: Necklace Holder

  1. What a great idea. Fun and classy.

  2. Jodi says:

    What a creative idea. Looks wonderful.

  3. sungazing says:

    *love* it!!!

    1. Thanks! It turned out pretty good I thought. It was fun too!

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