Each month Marche features the food and wine from a different region of France. It’s a six course, Prix Fixe tasting menu that goes for $38 per person, not including wine.
This month we joined them in Savoie and the Alps.

And we took the kids…
My kids are picky when it comes to American food, i.e: They must have their cheeseburger just so, but, when  trying new things from other countries they are pretty adventurous eaters.
A reservation is highly suggested when attending the regional dinner. We waited for our table a for about 10 or so minutes, and ordered drinks at the bar while the kids window shopped.
Jefrey had his favorite Dark and Stormy and I tried The Ascot.

It had Makers Mark and amaretto and anise. Yummy!

Anyone who’s been to Marche knows that service is slow. This night was no exception however, we did linger for quite a while unattended once seated. Our server made up for it with a charming personality and prompt service once she did get to us. So, that means all forgiven in my book.

Our Amuse Bouche was a pork pate with juniper berries and swiss chard that was gone before I could take a photo. It was a very nice start and the boys loved it.

Again guys, I’m really sorry about the phone camera photos. I promise on a stack of Kesey’s that I’ll bring a proper camera when I review again. Pinky swear!

The first course was Creme au Radis: a radish green soup with mustard creme.

I was expecting it to have a little spice, because it’s radish, but it was herby and creamy. It needed just a little more salt. The kids liked it, and Kel (15) finished it all.

I try not to tell them what’s in something new and have them just try it. Sometimes people tend to not like something simply because their expectations are thrown.

The second course was Asperges Vinaigrette aux Noix : asparagus with vinaigrette and chopped egg and toasted walnuts. It was served chilled.

As you can see I was so excited I had half of it eaten before I remembered to take the photo. It was good! And, if I had to choose, my favorite dish of the evening.  A favorite for the kids too. Especially Gav (12) who loves asparagus, though the vinaigrette was a little strong for him he said.

Oh, before I go on I should show you the bottle of wine we ordered.

Domaine Tissot Poulsard, Vieilles Vignes Arbois 2007

It was one of the wines selected for the tasting menu. You could order by the bottle or the glass. It was a light, fruity, and a little effervescent. I really liked it.

We had a choice between two main course offerings.

Caille Rotie au Gratin do Poireaux avec so Salade de Roquette: roasted quail with potato gratin and arugula.


Truite a l’Oseille, Fricassee de Pommes de Terres et Petis Oignons: pan fried trout with fingerling potatoes and pearl onions.

We all choose the Quail

The gratin was very good, the gravy yummy, the quail was juicy with crispy skin. The arugula salad could have used more vinaigrette. Game bird is a favorite of the boys so this vanished in record time too.

The cheese course was Saint-Nectaire Laiter: a semi-soft cow’s milk cheese with spiced apple compote.

It was a very sharp and smooth cheese, the apple compote did a lot to cut though the strong flavor. On this course we all took what we like to call at our house a “no thank-you” bite. It was very strong cheese.

For dessert we had Pain de Pistaches: pistachio-almond cake with kirsch creme and preserved cherries.

I loved this not too sweet cake and tart/sweet cherry preserve! It was just the right thing to finish a big meal. It goes with out saying that the kids ate their cake.

This meal was just outstanding! Marche is one of my favorite places to eat here in Eugene. Like so many places here you can dress up (I did) or keep it casual with jeans and a button up or polo (the boys)

Again I will insert the caveat that if you have tickets to a show you should make your reservation at least two hours before curtain up if you’re wanting to dine here before. I have always walked away very very happy.

And don’t forget to grab a baguette on the way out. They’re free.

P.S. They serve root beer too!

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