Whooo! Yeah so much fun! I should have had more bottles.

Bonus footage of me being bossy at my husband and him getting me back by adding to my anxiety.

How you do it is find the seam on the bottle then with a firm grip on everything follow the seam with your saber and whack the top of the bottle right off!
Then drink up!

P.S. I found the cork on the other side of the yard

6 thoughts on “Life List: Sabering Open a Champagne Bottle

  1. Jena says:

    That’s such a precious video! Life listing gets me nervous too.

    Found you via Maggie.

  2. Jodi says:

    Truly amazing! I’m so proud.

  3. Pammer says:

    That was very cool.

    (*Hi!* … I’m here through Maggie’s site!)

  4. A big pat on the back for everyone who did something on their list this month! I’ve been reading about your adventures too. Well done ladies!

  5. Sharon says:

    That was amazing. I saw it in a movie once. It is great when life imitates movie…..Not the other way around. Of course now I have to try it.

    1. You really should it’s so much fun! That and you can say “I can saber open a champagne bottle” when ask what tricks you can do.

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