I have a big redecorating project to gear up for. The kids are getting a new look in their rooms and so I’d better take a few minutes to clean out the sewing drawer.

It’s pretty bad you guys.
So, like before empty everything out of the space so you can take a good look at what you’ve got.


Group everything into one of three categories. Keep, Donate, or Trash. Then toss the trash and throw the donations into the trunk of your car right away, otherwise they will gather dust in the corner of your garage if you are like me.
Group the rest into piles of like objects.

Here’s a shot of my notions.
On to my fabric

Again, sorted by colors:

Ah! So much better! And, it only took me about 30 minutes.

You’ll note that the pillow stuffing didn’t fit back in, but, that’s ok I’m going to make pillows tonight anyway.
Now if it will only stay this way.

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