I can always tell who the brides are at the salon during the summertime. They are the ones in tears or shouting into a cell phone at their mother. It’s incredible how a wedding can turn a perfectly sane woman into a raving shebeast.

My advice? Elope. You’ll be your Father’s favorite.
I’m not helping am I? I was kidding! You remember? Humor?

Well I’ll be no help but these guys will.

Just-just put down that monogrammed cake knife!

Maggie’s uncomplicated advice about wedding etiquette at The Morning News.

Check out Jordan’s website. She’s a San Francisco based party planner with some really great DIY projects.

The one and only, for better or worse, Martha Stewart Weddings.

Offbeat Bride offers ideas and solutions for your one of a kind weddings. They don’t think the glow in the dark cumberbunds are a weird idea.

Gorgeousness is affordable! Hell it’s FREE over at Download & Print. Unless you like complicated and expensive?

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