Well, but not really.

Let me explain. I made that entry on my life list quite awhile ago. Things were different. And by things, yes I mean money but, also my perspective.

The thought of a grand loving gesture on a milestone occasion like Jef’s 40th birthday was very nice. Since then however, I changed my mind. The Life List is not written in stone, plans and circumstances change. If you’ll excuse the colloquial, shit happens.

Since the recent loss of my Dad I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what is really important and the value of the things that matter. In this case, the plan of 40 presents for my husband’s 40th birthday. It would have made me feel awesome. Jef would have been very appreciative but would he have felt more loved with more gifts? You know the answer.
So here’s what we did instead.

I spent the afternoon decorating his chair at the table with balloons and crepe paper streamers!

I made him bbq chicken enchiladas

I made him 4 gifts. Things I thought he’d like and use.

Calling cards with pictures I took in his wood shop.

A big coffee mug etched with his initial

Handmade t-shirt for jogging.

His all time favorite caramel corn.

I drunkenly sang him happy birthday

So, making my husband feel special on his 40th birthday?


One thought on “Lifelist: 40 gifts for Jef’s 40th Birthday

  1. Jodi Hebert says:

    Great pics, video, and singing (especially Jef). Made me feel as if I were there.

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