Someone asked why I wasn’t going to read all the classics, or train to run a half marathon or just, do something more meaningful than watch a new movie every Saturday.
Having goals to fill your summertime is an undertaking that must be pleasurable to you.
In other words, one woman’s Adrien Brody is another’s Eugene Onegin.
Dashing madly from activity, to event, to drop off, to pick up, is a daily chore especially during the summertime. I thought a nice brisk sit, as Erma Bombeck
once said, was all the exercise I could handle this summer.
I found once I got into the movie groove the feeling of losing yourself to a good story was something I’d missed in the past couple of years.
Here are the new (to me) movies I saw this summer:

The Brothers Bloom
The Painted Veil
Get Smart
The Sands Of Time
Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland
Paris Je T’aime
The Fountain
The Lovely Bones
The Darjeeling Limited
New York, I Love You
Up In The Clouds
500 Days Of Summer
Death At A Funeral (UK Version)
A Very Long Engagement
Charlie Wilson’s War
Inglorious Bastards
Away We Go
The Hurt Locker
Julie & Julia
The Time Travelers Wife
The American
Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist
Eat, Pray, Love
The Ghostwriter

The other thing I vowed to do this summer was to re-institute milkshake Friday. It was something the kids and I did when they were little. We’d go and have a milkshake at the ice cream shop or fast food joint to get us out of the house. These days however, they only show up to be fed, sleep or use the wi-fi connection.
Friends, I know how the Marriott feels now.
The milk shakes turned out great, and, on the occasions that we’d all be in the same place at the same time we had a nice mother and son(s) shared brain freeze.

The final thing on my list was to have lunch with my husband at least twice a month. Well that didn’t happen…
We have lunch every week! Thanks to Devour and their wonderful sandwich truck that stops by his office on Thursdays we can have a lovely picnic in the parking lot.
If you live in Eugene Oregon I’d highly recommend calling and getting the Devour VW Van to come by your place of business. Only not at noon on Thursday’s that’s OUR time!

I feel quite accomplished! I’ve rediscovered a few things I enjoy, but also somethings that probably should be left as a fond memory.

So what did you do this summer? Let me know in the comments.

Also, now that the kids are back in school, what projects or fun things are you planning?

Oh and P.S. I did read Eugene Onegin!

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