I do so love my internet.
It’s quick, convenient, and amazing. However, sometimes I get a craving for the old days of reaching out by post.
Raise your hand if you had a pen pal.
Mine was a girl from California I met during summer camp.
Hi Sylvie,
Stay cute!
T.T.F.N. Kath-

A hand written note seems to imply that you care just that extra bit about the recipient. I’m not really sure if that’s true, thank you is thank you, whether they wrote on your Facebook page or sent you an e-mail.
There is something to receiving a pretty envelope in the post box with your name written on in. You are special.

My links today demonstrate creative ways to send your love electronically and physically. It’s the best of both worlds!

Envelope templates at The Spoon Sisters
Very nice idea for recycling/reusing paper. Also, nifty for creating your own unique stationary!

The Seven Year Pen from See Jane Work
Guaranteed to last seven years at the writing speed of two meters per day.

Everyone needs a set of blank note cards.
Crane & Co.

Send someone a real life telegram STOP It would be a cool invitation idea STOP Also a great thank you note STOP Find out why people used to end sentences in telegrams with the word stop STOP Okay I’ll stop it now STOP

Friends, this is just so (yes I must say it) awesome! Mailing. A. Monkey!!!
Monkeys by mail. You do know I’ve always wanted to do this!

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