When last we left our intrepid teen adventurer and his anxiety stricken Mother, we had figured out the air travel, passports, talked about getting a temporary international cell plan, and which stalking…er, tracking apps were my favorites.

Which brings us to packing. Those who have read this blog for a while know of my past packing disasters and the effort I’ve made to reform my ways. One of the advantages of having male offspring is they are uncomplicated creatures, regarding fashion anyway. It’s jeans and t-shirts. Boom, done! He allowed one addition, that of a dress shirt for a fancy(ish) dinner he had planned for he and his girl. (AW!)

We decided it would make it easier going through customs, and he could skip the baggage carousel altogether if he just took carry on luggage. So we bought him an inexpensive 20 inch roller suitcase for clothes and he had a back pack for his laptop and books. He had access to laundry facilities so he only took 5 days worth of clothes.
That’s my best packing light tip. Always figure out where the laundromat is or stay in an apartment that has a washer/dryer.
For toiletries he only took his 311 kit and went shopping when he ran out of something.

Buy a plug adapter kit.
All the countries have different plug-in portals because the household voltage is different. If you by a kit like this you’ll be all set for several countries. The guide in the lid will tell you which one you need plus there are online guides you can consult.

All of Kellen’s chargers for his phone, computer and electric razor ran between 100 and 240 volts so he could get away with using just the smaller country specific adapter. Had they been been just 110 volts he would have used the large transformer plus the adapter.

Here’s where you can read on your appliance charger:

Well, I’ve been yammering on about plugs and packing so I think, to keep things tidy; I’ll talk about money conversion apps and other money related solutions in Part 3.
Stay tuned!

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