I made a batch of these as a birthday gift for a friend.

It’s so easy! You just follow the directions to make the cookies on the back of your favorite chocolate chips (mine are Ghirardelli) then go crazy with the mix-ins!

I used peanut butter chips, chocolate chips and pretzels.
Next time toffee bits and hazelnuts?

4 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Pretzel Cookies

  1. I never thought of adding pretzels to cookies…that is a great idea! And I agree, adding toffee bits and hazelnuts would be heaven. Can’t wait to try this!

    1. They were so good! For the pretzels, I crunched up some and left some whole so you could tell what it was.

  2. Jim H. says:

    I am that birthday friend that she made the cookies for and… they were awesome! Had a friend in town from Cali who just loved em also and together the cookies barely made it two days at my house! Yummy for my Tummy! Thanks again Kathy!

    1. Very welcome Jim! I’m glad they were a hit!

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