It’s been going on for a while now, this bacon in chocolate thing. I’ll admit I’m a fan. If you’ve never had it, imagine the sweet and salty combination of chocolate and peanut butter, only ten times more mind-blowing.
Valentines Day is almost upon us and I’ve been seeing all kinds of bacon and chocolate offerings on the internet.
Here are a few of my favorites:

Vosges has my favorite Mo’s Bacon and Chocolate Bar

David Lebovitz has a candied bacon ice cream recipe that might just make me bust out my pain in the butt ice cream maker.

Here’s a recipe that will have you running for your stretchy pants. Chocolate-Topped Peanut Butter-Bacon Bars

This sentiment from Oh Geez Design may or may not be true.

2 thoughts on “For the Love of Bacon and Chocolate

  1. Jodi Hebert says:

    I love bacon and I l love chocolate. Never tried them together. Looking forward to the new experience.

  2. Meg says:

    That is such a good idea to make the bacon hearts…! I never thought of that! Thanks for sharing!

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