Ah, there’s nothing like it! The happily ever after…
My favorite kind start out as one kind of movie, (usually a thriller or horror, yeah I’m weird you knew this though) and then turns into a romance. Do you have a favorite romantic movie?
In honor of Valentines day here’s my list…

O’Toole is at his best in this!

You think you’re watching a mind bending thriller… and then slam, it’s a romance. Love when that happens.

Okay I’ll admit, not really a romance in the conventional sense.

Again, your watching a horror film then suddenly… Oh M. Night, you’re just an ol’ softy after all.

Lovely supernatural twist and a major 80’s flashback. Also, can anyone tell me who played Emmet? I JUST noticed that part was played by a female!

Happy Valentine’s day you guys!

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